Thursday, 19 February 2009

Angel of Darkness

One of my first proper attempts at Lesbian Erotica. It's still due a full edit, but enjoy :-)

‘You’re sick, you know that?’ There’s a trace of spite in her voice, but a grin on her face. I know I’m sick. She knows I’m sick.She loves it.

Perhaps as an automatic reaction from this master of seduction, I watch her hips sway gently in rhythm to the music. Her skin tight skirt and unbuttoned blouse do nothing to hide the sensuality of each movement.
Despite myself, I feel my body temperature rise.

I take a large mouthful of my Bourbon and run my fingers through my hair. It’s too long now, and it keeps falling into my eyes. Usually I leave it where it is, secretly I like the side cut fringe. Not now though. I don’t want anything getting in the way of my view.

‘I just want you.’ I feel my tongue slip around the words as they leave my throat and it tastes good. She blushes slightly at my honesty. The colour rising in her cheeks only makes it all the more tempting. I can control myself though. If she can.

‘You know we shouldn’t.’

She has a cigarette in her hand, burning away slowly. I don’t think she’s even put it to her lips yet. As with most things she does, its purpose is to add to her image. She turns her back to me, and I trace the soft curvature of her spine with my eyes.
Even through her shirt I can see her perfect skin, in my mind I can remember how it feels against my tongue. My temperature is still rising, and I put down my glass to remove my jacket.

‘If you didn’t want to, you shouldn’t have come.’
My words sound harsher than I had intended, but it’s the honest truth. If she wanted to enjoy my company, she shouldn’t have turned up. We only ever fuck at my flat.

She laughs gently and finally the cigarette is raised to her mouth. She holds it there, and out of the corner of my eye I can see her watching me in the mirror to her left.
The corner of her mouth is raised in a tight grin, as if she can hear my thoughts and is taking a voyeuristic pleasure from them.

‘I always want to.’
I see the longing in her eyes. It’s only been a few days, but I can tell that it seems like weeks to her. I can empathise with that feeling.

I realise I’m still clutching my jacket, and I throw it onto the sofa. Steadily, I walk to her and slide my arms around her waist.
Her head cocks to the side, eyes straining to meet mine.
My height finally an advantage, I kiss the top of her head before craning my neck to kiss her cheek.

‘We can keep it clean.’ I hear the words but I don’t remember thinking them.
Like an automatic reaction to diffuse any awkwardness, I want her to feel at ease with me. I don’t want her to feel like I’m taking advantage, even if I am.

She whispers my name, and it sounds almost painful for her.
Her head swings back, and her eyes close. For a second I panic.

‘I just wish you’d give me more.’ She’s said it before, but it always catches me out.
She never denies her sexuality. But she refuses to put it on show. I don’t know what she wants from me, this angel of darkness.
Every part of her seduces me, and I’d gladly give her my all. But not to be hidden away in her closet.
I tell her as much, and she sighs.

‘And if I told you I loved you?’

‘But you don’t.’
I hope she doesn’t. It’s hard enough to keep playing this game with the feelings one sided. If she loved me back, it would be harder to keep my already greying morals in tact.

She doesn’t reply, and I take the cigarette from her hand, inhaling the smoke deeply.
I feel the slight buzz from the nicotine that I only get after a couple of glasses of whiskey.

Before I can recover from it, I feel her lips meet mine.
We don’t move, we just stand there, our lips pressed together. I feel the electricity that runs through her connect with mine and I savour the way it mixes.

The perfect parody of an unrequited recipe of love and lust.
My mind becomes poetic, and I think of telling her my thoughts.
Moments before my resolve melts, I feel her lips part, and her tongue searches for a route to mine. I respond in kind, and our kiss becomes more passionate.

Her hips stop swaying as I feel her push herself back, her body moulding itself to the shape of mine almost too perfectly.
My awkward social graces mean that I compulsively open one eye briefly, to make sure hers are closed. They are. It’s one thing that stuck with me, since being an adolescent.

I lower my eyelid again, satisfied. The only thing that is more important to me than that is the pillow talk after the sex.

I can taste the red wine in her mouth and it makes me want her more.
My hand automatically finds the ashtray, well accustomed to this series of events. I don’t bother to try and put out the cigarette. I just drop it in.
As soon as she feels my arm return to her waist she breaks the kiss, momentarily, to turn and face me.
I move away from her slightly, as she tries to return to the kiss.

For a second her face looks puzzled, then, as she catches the look in my eyes, she smiles.

‘You’re Beautiful.’ I whisper.

‘Shhhh.’ She puts a finger to my lips, and looks deep into my eyes. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she was listening to my thoughts again. I battle with the inappropriateness of my inner monologue as she replaces her finger with her mouth.

We kiss again, passionately still, and I can’t resist any longer. I slide my hands up her sides and remove her blouse, allowing it to fall to the ground. Then down to her waist, to unzip her skirt.

Her hands, previously rested on my hips, fumble their way to my buttons, and I feel her practically claw off my shirt.
I smile slightly and shrug the material off my shoulders when she is done.
Her skirt falls to the floor and in one fluid motion I lift her out of it and into my arms.
If our kiss was broken at any point, neither of us noticed. Slowly, I started the well traversed path to my bedroom, her body pressed closely to mine.
I feel her impatience in her fingers, her nails digging deep into my back and I struggle to stay on my feet.
She knows the affect that has on me, and she’s counting on it.One hand finds it’s way up my neck, and her fingers knot in my hair, her tongue runs along mine fiercely, and it’s all I can do to set her on the bed in my usual gentle manner.
Kneeling over her, her back is arched and her body pressed firmly against me, giving me easy access to unclip her bra. I meet no resistance as I pinch the clasp open, and the straps on her shoulders go slack.
My hand slides up her back and around her shoulder, in a move so practised it’s become perfect.
I gently pull on her, bringing her back down to the bed. Her lips leave mine so gently that I can’t resist leaning down for one last kiss, before trailing my tongue down her neck and her chest, removing her bra as I go.
I watch her, and she tilts her head back in anticipation, her eyes already rolling back, closing, and waiting for my next move.
She knows the story as well as I do, yet her gasp does not betray the passion as my mouth finds nipple, my tongue and teeth caressing it without mercy.
I know the limits of my roughness, and I am sure to move onto the other side before my teasing becomes too much.
Another deep sigh, she moans slightly.

My mind wanders, not off topic, but to whether I should have turned the light down, or even off. Whether the music is inappropriate and whether silence would be better suited.
She lets out a louder moan and I’m pulled back into focus.
Those things aren’t important now.
Not with my dark angel beneath me.

I trail kisses down her stomach, as gentle as I can force myself to be, before I rise to meet her anxious lips once more.
My leg slides up between her legs and the physical reaction to my contact makes me shudder with joy.
Her kiss becomes deeper, and I know she cannot wait much longer.

As always, I am happy to help my angel.

I pull away again, tracing kisses back down her chest, but I don’t stop. I carry on down her stomach, slowing slightly to trace her belly button with my tongue before continuing south, removing her panties with my hand as I go.
Her legs pull up making it easy for me to take them off, which I pause at the top of her clit for.

She releases her breath in an exasperated manner and I grin.
Her hand, still knotted in my hair gently pushes me down, and I comply, my tongue finding her clit once more.
I push one finger inside her and am greeted by another moan.
Tracing slow, deliberate circles with my tongue, I slide another finger inside her, and start to find some rhythm with my arm.
Another loud Moan.

Grinning wider, I steal a glance at her face. She’s close already, I can tell from the way her teeth grip her bottom lip. I speed up my hand, and start to trace her name and mine rather than circles.
I’m sure she doesn’t know I do this.
I hope she doesn’t know she orgasms to our names.
The thought almost makes me laugh as her body stiffens. More speed, as her body starts to shake uncontrollably.
Her fingers twist again in my hair and I moan with her, her pleasure intensifying my own.
She rides it out, then, as she starts to relax I do too.
Slowing to a halt I pull away, and then kiss along the inside of her thighs before moving to her side, pulling her body into a tight embrace.

Her lips brush mine once more, contently but still smiling.

I stare at the ceiling, listening to the calmness of her breath.

I pull the duvet over us, to keep her from getting cold.
I don’t feel the cold anymore.

I turn my head to look at her, curled into my arm.
She’s almost translucent now and the space she occupies is feeling colder.
I sigh.
No Pillow talk for me tonight.

As her beautiful face disappears in front of my eyes, I roll over into her space.
The mattress below me still feels warm from her body, and the sheet smells of her perfume.

She never stays the night, my Angel of Darkness.